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A chat with Antoine Desroches before Mont Tremblant

A day out from racing in his hometown race, Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant, we got to speak with Antoine Desroches about school, his season so far, Tremblant and his plans after.

A day out from racing in his hometown race, Ironman 70.3 Mont Tremblant, we got to speak with Antoine Desroches about school, his season so far, Tremblant and his plans after.

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TMC: School is done now, how was your year at McGill?

AD: The school year was great. This year was my last year in my Nutrition and Food Science four-year degree. The first semester I did a three-month internship with St Ambroise. It was a lot of work balancing training and the internship, with a number of hours in each, but the experience was great.

Then in the 2nd semester, I did my remaining electives, which was great because the course workload was much easier than in the past.

And earlier this month I graduated. I am super excited to move on and see what’s down the road.

TMC: What is down the road?

AD: Plans right now is to take some courses in Kinesiology during the fall semester, before entering a Sports Nutrition Masters program at Université de Montréal. I am excited to combine my passion for healthy eating and sport.

TMC: That’s awesome! So, the season so far, maybe walk us through the last few races?

AD: 70.3 Texas was decent. I had some great preparation leading into the first trace of the season. I joined a new coach over the winter to work on my running, a weakness of mine. Leading up to Texas I was putting in 140km run weeks, and feeling great. Anyways, early into the bike, I got into a crash. I landed badly on my hip. I finished the race, but it was a struggle.

I continued to train, but something was up. The hip injury was affecting my workouts, and I went into 70.3 St. George hurting. My result at St. George reflected that.

Then at 70.3 Chattanooga, I pushed through the pain again. I was feeling much better leading up to it, but after the race, the pain in my hip was bad. I look back at it; I really should have taken time off after Texas. But considering my training for Chattanooga, I am happy with the result.

TMC: So, what’s the news on the hip?

AD: So, it’s pretty cool. After Chattanooga, I got some medical exams done. There was a fair bit of inflammation, but no structural damage. However, what they did find was my left leg was longer than my right. While analyzing my past injuries, this explains a lot of my injuries; left leg shin splints, right hip overuse injuries as a way to compensate. It’s pretty cool, and now I have elevated insoles in my right shoe, to compensate for the shorter leg. When training I am feeling much better, and the hip is doing good.

What do you expect for Mont-Tremblant?

AD: It is a course that suits me. The bike has a great mix of terrain. And the run is something I have been working on.

Honestly though, if it was any other race, I don’t think I would compete. I do not have the training I would have wanted coming into this race. But, it is my home race. I love the energy when racing at Mont Tremblant, the volunteers, the racers, friends and family: I can’t wait.

What is after Mont-Tremblant?

AD: My big goal race this year is Ironman Mont-Tremblant in August. After this race, I will be taking some time off before I go into my training for the Ironman.

Then after that, it’s up in the air. I will take some time off and go on vacation with my family to Kona for two weeks. There I hope to do a bit of riding and running on the iconic Kona course: biking the lava fields and running out to the energy lab.

I will look to close the season with a few half Ironman races and maybe one more Ironman.