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What does supplement certification actually mean?

— by Daniel Clarke (long course triathlete and F2C Nutrition athlete)

Supplements can seem like murky waters for an athlete to wade into with fears of banned and contaminated supplements, but there are a number of certifications for supplements that put an athletes mind at ease. The most trusted certifications are NSF, NSF for Sport, Informed Choice and Informed-Sport. For this video, I explain the hierarchy of these certifications and explain what each of them actually means.

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I would encourage any athlete who takes any supplements to check out the respective website for each certification for more information.  If you’re looking for supplements that you know will be safe I encourage you to check out F2C Nutrition. If you want to try any F2C product (which are tested by the strictest standards, Informed Sport) you can use the promo code DANIEL15 at https://f2cnutrition.com/shop-online/ to save 15%.

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