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Top five gazpacho recipes

With warmer temperatures upon us, sipping hot soup isn’t as appealing as it is in the wintertime. The answer to your problems: gazpacho.

1) White gazpachoCantaloupe-Strawberry-Coconut-Gazpacho-035a

A cup of almonds gives rich substance to this take on the traditional light summer dish. Cucumber, lemon and grapes make this dish refreshing and seasonal. The recipe serves four and the only equipment that you need is a blender.

2) Cantaloupe, strawberry and coconut gazpacho

This recipe was developed out of the author’s desire to make a dish that was “everything free,” meaning no gluten, no dairy, no eggs and no added sugar. The result was a tropical indulgence that goes well with any summer meal. This recipe serves four.IMG_5959

3) Tomato gazpacho

Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows describes gazpacho as “salad in a
bowl.” This is the vegan blogger’s take on the traditional dish.

9312611702_c01fc7e201_b4) Cucumber green grape gazpacho

This is a heartier version of the classic cold soup, containing breadcrumbs, almonds and cream cheese. The recipe serves six as a main course.

5) Strawberry gazpacho

Strawberries are such a quintessential summer food and gazpacho is a great way to incorporate them into a meal. Bonus points if you make this recipe using local produce (and extra, extra bonus points if you go to a strawberry farm and pick them yourself).