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Tasty Tomato Recipes

I always forget whether tomatoes are technically a fruit or a vegetable, though I don’t think it matters much; they’re a nutrition powerhouse either way. Here are some tomato recipes to inspire your summer snacking.

soft-set-egg1) Baked tomato and egg cups

This is a hearty, healthy and gourmet-looking breakfast. All you need are a few tomatoes, a couple eggs and some fresh herbs and you’re cooking!

2) Healthy tomato basil soup

Greek yogurt and almond milk make this a creamy soup without all the extra fat.

3) Cheesy spinach muffinScreen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.35.17 PM

Guaranteed these savoury muffins are unlike anything you’ve ever made before. Spinach, feta, cheddar and tomatoes are the shining ingredients of this tomato recipe.

4) Oven-dried tomatoes

Money-savvy cooks listen up! This recipe is for DIY oven-roasted tomatoes so you no longer have to spend extra money making those fancy recipes (or to indulge in a gourmet snack). Throw your homemade oven-fried tomatoes on summer salads, on top of avocado toast or as garnish on barbecued chicken or salmon.

5) Balsamic chicken and tomatoes

This four-ingredient tomato recipe isn’t lacking in flavour and takes only a half-hour to make.

6) Spinach and tomato frittata

The author of this recipe claims the frittata is the perfect catch-all for any leftover ingredients you need to use up before they go bad.

7) Tomato mozzarella and basil quinoa saladtomatoquinoasalad-12-210x300

Red tomatoes and white mozzarella sounds like the perfect Canada Day meal to us!




8) Eggplant pizza

Opting for eggplant instead of a thick dough is a healthy swap that still lets you indulge in your pizza craving. Easy individual serving sizes also makes them great party food.

9) Garlic roasted cherry tomatoes

These tiny bursts of flavour go with absolutely any summer dish as a garnish or as a side.Garlic-Roasted-Cherry-Tomatoes-1-sm

10) Skinny bruschetta chicken

Marinating tomatoes in balsamic gives them that extra rich flavour, adding extra punch to this chicken dish.