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Put something in your water

In a sports drink we are looking for a balance of electrolytes and glucose

With the rising temperatures across the country its important to take your hydration seriously. In the average man and women, 55-60% of the body is water. The heart and brain on average is composed of 70% water, while the skeletal muscles are roughly 80% water. So when training it is important to be replenishing with water. But what about adding a sports drink mix to your water?

When we sweat, we sweat not only water but also electrolytes, sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Additionally, because in a triathlon we are using up carbohydrates and glycogen stores to provide energy to the muscles, we are using up glucose. Therefore, in a sports drink we are looking for a balance of electrolytes and glucose.

A solution for this hydration dilemma is the Eload Hydration Formula mix. The mix maintains electrolyte levels. Which is important when training and competing, as it reduces the likelihood of heat related illness and muscle cramps. Eload hydration mix specifically helps maintain electrolyte levels, maintaining the two most abundant, potassium and chloride. Additionally, Eload also contains levels of zinc and magnesium in order to prevent muscle cramp. These cramps occur when zinc and magnesium levels drop too low.

The hydration formula mix includes dextrose, a sugar that is chemically identiacal to glucose. However, dextrose scores higher on the glycemic index, allowing for quick and easy absorption into the bloodstream and into your hard working muscles.

Believe it or not, you also lose calcium when you sweat. Eload replaces that calcium lost so you can maintain bone strength and structure. Lastly, Eload creates a buffer between your hard working muscles and lactic acid. This increases your work efficiency and reduces post- training soreness.

So for your next training session grab some Eload Hydration Formula mix and stay hydrated this summer!