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Naak Energy Bites run on cricket powder

Cricket powder? Yes.

Cricket powder is a superfood that offers several nutritional benefits. The powder is high in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, calcium and essential amino acids. It’s also the ingredient in the Naak Cricket Energy Bites that’ll keep you topped up on fuel when training.

Admittedly, I’ve always been curious about Naak’s products. At race expos, I usually end up at their tent so I can try different products. So, it was great to have a supply of Naak Cricket Energy Bites (Choco Orange flavour) for my training camp in South Carolina earlier this winter.

Each 120g package contains approximately eight bite-size bites, making it easy to pack into your jersey pocket and manage your fuelling. Besides the nutritional benefits, I found these energy bites to hit the spot without an overpowering flavour.

For the most part, I would reserve these bites for a pre-workout or mid-ride snack. If you can consume solid foods while running, you could experiment using this product on the run. However, if your stomach tends to disagree with solid food while running, I would reserve this product for a pre-swim snack or fuel on the bike.

The Naak Cricket Energy Bites come in a re-sealable bag, which may be a minor detail, but its design helps maintain product quality for weeks. I opened the package while on a 20-hour drive down to South Carolina, and two weeks later, the bites still had the same taste and texture as they did when I first tried them.

Besides the energy benefits, cricket powder is eco-friendly, requiring fewer resources and producing less waste than most brands that use dairy protein.

Sets of three bags (3x120g) are priced at $26.99. Naak Cricket Energy Bites come in three different flavours; Choco Orange, Banana and Macadamia.