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Mel’s Pampered Kale Salad

Get Your Kale On
Get Your Kale On

There is a bounty of root vegetables  available at their freshest during the winter months in B.C. but I still love a fresh salad. One of my favourites is what I call the pampered kale salad. To my mind, raw kale and avocado are meant for each other. They are the stars of this dish.

Start with fresh, washed and dried kale leaves, preferably lacinato (dinosaur) kale, with the stalks removed. I like to roll the kale leaves up like a cigar and slice diagonally in thin strips. Then I cut the avocado in half and spoon the entire contents into the chopped kale. Using your hands (you need to manhandle this salad) squish the avocado into the kale, massaging (pampering) until the kale is fully dressed with mashed avocado. This is the base of your salad.

Once the kale and avocado have been combined, work on the rest of your ingredients. The kale will soften in the avocado oil so by the time your salad is finished, the leaves will be tender and delicious raw.

The following is a recipe list including options to add to your kale salad. For example, make it a main course by adding a piece of grilled salmon.

One bunch lacinato kale
One large avocado
One large carrot, shredded
One large beet, shredded
One red pepper, chopped
Roasted butternut squash or yam, chopped into small dice
Feta cheese, crumbled
Pumpkin or sunflower seeds

-Melanie McQuaid