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Healthy slushy recipes

Remember how you used to beg your parents to give you money for a slushy from the local convenience store? Now, you can relive that part of your childhood, only healthier. These are our favourite healthy post-run slushy recipes.

A fresh summer strawberry drink isolated on yellow
1) Pineapple lemonade slushy

Frozen pineapple is combined with fresh lemon juice and coconut water to make a tropical post-run rehydration drink.

2) Watermelon cucumber slushy

Cucumber and watermelon are two of the biggest food players in the rehydration game, as well as a tasty flavour combo. With a pinch of salt to replenish that lost running, this drink makes for the perfect post-run rehydration option.

3) Sparkling strawberry slushy

Some sparkling water, frozen strawberries and a squirt of lime juice are all one needs to create this refreshing beverage. Since it’s just fruit, you don’t have to worry about having a second glass!

4) Summer cantaloupe slushy

Cut up some cantaloupe and put in the freezer and it essentially turns into ice cubes. Throw them in the blender, add some lime zest and juice, a bit of water and voila, you have a healthy rehydrating snack.

5) Apple cider slushy

Apple cider may seem like a quintessentially fall drink of choice, but we all know that there can be those days in September, when school is back in, but the weather is still hot and we need to bridge the transition between summer and fall. This apple cider slushy is perfect.

6) Pineapple coconut slushy

Carbonated water adds some pop to a summer slushy. This recipe calls for 1/2 cup of coconut cream, but you can also alternate for coconut milk, if you want a lower-calorie option.

7) Watermelon lime slushy

Frozen watermelon is the ultimate rehydrating snack, perfect for making slushies. You can omit the extra sugar in this recipe if you so desire, or substitute it for maple syrup or honey.

8) Strawberry cream slushy

Almond milk, frozen strawberries and a dash of vanilla are all it takes to create this healthy slushy. For those who like things a little sweeter, a few drops of honey or maple syrup can be added.

9) Raspberry refresher

This recipe is great for runners looking for an extra burst of vitamin C, as the author actually incorporates a packet of Emergen-C vitamin C in the recipe.

10) Almond milk slushy

Not into fruity slushies? This almond milk slushy, with a little bit of maple syrup and vanilla extract for flavour, is the perfect recipe for you.