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Great tasting strawberry recips

Nothing says summer’s coming quite like the beginning of strawberry season. Here are some healthy recipes to make the most of this seasonal produce.

Strawberry-Avocadoa-31) Baked avocados with strawberry salsa

Did you know that you can bake avocados? You do now! For avocado lovers who are sick of slicing it up in a salad or spreading it on toast, this recipe is a must-try. The rich avocado, full of healthy fats, balances out the sweet strawberry salsa for a perfect summer snack.

StrawberryCoconutWaterPopsicles12) Strawberry coconut water popsicles

This tropical blend of coconut water and fresh strawberries is a tasty and refreshing way to rehydrate after a workout.

3) Strawberry kale cider with apple cider vinaigrette

Dark leafy greens are a great source of non-heme (plant-sourced) iron and this iron is best absorbed when eaten alongside a source of vitamin C, like strawberries.

4) Strawberry, watermelon, basil summer side dish

Having a summer barbecue at the cottage and want to offer a healthy option? This recipe is easy to make plenty of, perfect for a crowd.IMG_2462

5) Strawberry bacon brie chicken burgers

The author of this recipe proves that strawberries aren’t only good for desserts and salads, but can also make the grade when it comes to savoury options.

6) Strawberry coconut chia seed popsicles

These popsicles clock in at around 75 calories each, making them a low-calorie and healthy option for a sweet treat. Chia seeds, often touted as a ‘superfood,’ are an easy way to incorporate more fibre into your diet.

WheatberryWildRiceSalad57) Wheat berry wild rice salad with strawberries and basil

Despite wheat being the most popularly consumed grain in North America, it is seldom consumed in its whole form. Wheat berry is the entire unprocessed kernel, with only the shell removed. Though still flying slightly under the radar, you can purchase wheat berries at most large grocery stores.

8) Strawberry apricot salad with peach balsamic vinaigrette

This recipe is a restaurant-quality homemade salad. With fresh strawberries, dried apricots and a peach infused dressing, you’ll feel like you’re eating summer.

9) Strawbrry mango avocado quinoa

Mint, lime juice and a bit of olive oil are the only additions to this quinoa, allowing the fresh fruit to shine.

10) Healthy strawberry soft serve

This recipe is perfect for the runner that is trying to eat a bit healthier, but has a major ice cream craving. Made with frozen berries and natural sweetener, this soft serve will do the trick.