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XTERRA World Championship on TSN

Today at 12 noon EST, 9 am PST.

The Sports Network (TSN) will broadcast the hour-long feature show of the 2010 XTERRA World Championship from the Makena Beach & Golf Resort in Maui starting today.

Broadcast Schedule:

TSN – Saturday, January 29th at noon (EST), 9 am (PST)

TSN2 – Sunday, January 30th at 11pm (EST), 8 pm (PST)

Additional Airings:

Wednesday, February 2nd at 9:30 pm (EST), 6:30 pm (PST)

Thursday, February 3rd at 4 pm (EST), 1 pm (PST).

Highlights can be seen year-round at XTERRA’s web TV channel: www.XTERRA.tv

If you want to experience the XTERRA World Championship or the XTERRA USA races in high definition on Blu-ray, the disks are available for the first time ever at xterraplanet.com/television. Standard definition DVD’s can be purchased at xterragear.com