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XTERRA West Championships Pre-race

U.S. Pro Series launches on April 25.

The XTERRA U.S. Pro Series kicks off at Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort in Henderson on Sunday April 25.

Topping the start list for the XTERRA West Championship are the Series defending champions – Victoria’s Melanie McQuaid and South Africa’s Conrad Stoltz.

The race is sure to be closely contested since 10 of the top 11 men from last year’s U.S. Pro Series will be in attendance (Mike Vine is unable to compete due to him moving to Edmonton this week and starting a new job) and along with four of the top five women (except Danelle Kabush who would be there if she could but is expecting her second child in May).

The start list is below. The ranking number denotes the finishing position in the 2009 XTERRA U.S. Pro Series.


1. Conrad Stoltz, RSA

2. Nico Lebrun, FRA

3. Josiah Middaugh, USA

4. Mike Vine, CAN

5. Dan Hugo, RSA

6. Seth Wealing, USA

7. Branden Rakita, USA

8. Brian Smith, USA

9. Craig Evans, USA

10. Cody Waite, USA

11. Will Kelsay, USA

16. Ryan DeCook, USA

17. Scott Gall, USA

28. Chris Newell, USA

NR Sean Bechtel, Canada

NR Trevor Glavin, USA


1. Melanie McQuaid, CAN

2. Shonny Vanlandingham, USA

3. Renata Bucher, SUI

5. Christine Jeffrey, CAN

6. Jenny Smith, NZL

8. Emma Garrard, USA

11. Lesley Paterson, GBR

12. Tracy Thelen, USA

19. Brandyn Roark Gray, USA

NR Rosemarie Gerspacher, CAN

NR Katie Ellis, USA

NR Fabiola Corona, MEX