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XTERRA Portugal Results

Bucher and Batelier win first race of European Tour.

Switzerland’s Renata Bucher, and France’s Franky Batelier, the 2009 XTERRA European Tour Champions, both won the inaugural XTERRA Portugal Championship today.

For Bucher, it was her fourth win in a row this season (Guam, Tagaman, Saipan), and her 21st XTERRA championship. While Batelier notched his fifth win in a row on the European Tour, winning all four races on the tour last year.

According to Dave Nicholas, managing director of the XTERRA World Tour who was on site for the race, Lorblanchet had a great swim, rode hard and Bucher did not catch her until the last lap of the bike. “This course is not too technical so it’s hard for me to catch these strong riders” said Bucher. While Franky Batelier simply walked away with the men’s race. Local triathlon standout Bruno Pais led out of the water, however, Batelier put him away quickly on the bike. “I wanted to open it up fast so he would not try to catch me – he is a very fast runner,” said Batelier, who did not have it easy all day, colliding with a media motorcycle. Nico Lebrun got third by passing Belgium’s Yeray Luxem with only 200 metres to go.

Next year the organizers are thinking of moving the event back into May to go with XTERRA Italy (May 30) in Sardinia. We will be sure to update you if and when that happens.

XTERRA Portugal Results

Pro Women

1.  Renata Bucher (SUI)  2:44:44

2.  Marion Lorblanchet (FRA)  2:47:05

3.  Maria Areosa (POR)  2:51:26

4.  Carina Wasle (AUT)  2:53:27

5.  Myriam Guillot (FRA)  2:55:22

6.  Maud Golsteyn (NED)  2:56:26

7.  Judy van den Berg (NED)  2:57:29

8.  Darrelle Parker (GBR)  3:02:03

9.  Alexandra Borrelly (FRA)  3:08:48

10.  Yolanda Magallon Vallejo (ESP)  3:29:17

Pro Men

1.  Franky Batelier (FRA)  2:16:35

2.  Bruno Pais (POR)  2:21:53

3.  Nicolas Lebrun (FRA)  2:22:52

4.  Yeray Luxem (BEL)  2:23:05

5.  Lino Barruncho (POR)  2:25:12

6.  Fabien Combaluzier (FRA)  2:25:52

7.  Lieuwe Boonstra (RSA)  2:27:18

8.  Jim Thijs (BEL)  2:29:11

9.  Francisco Villaescusa (ESP)  2:30:16

10.  Borja Gabriel Figueroa (ESP)  2:31:06