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XLAB Aero Pouch 300

Aero Pouch 300 on Delta 425

XLAB has come up with an ingenious way to store tools and a tube without compromising the aerodynamics of your speedy tri bike – the XLab Aero Pouch 300.

Triathletes are known to literally spend thousands of dollars ensuring they have the most aerodynamic equipment available, then find themselves throwing an ungainly pouch behind their saddle with all the equipment they need to fix a flat.

Designed specifically for single bottle rear hydration systems, XLAB’s Aero Pouch 300 wraps around a single, behind the seat, water bottle cage in order to provide an aerodynamic way to store a tube, tire levers, CO2 cartridges and even a foam sealant if you’re running tubulars.

The system is designed so that it won’t compromise aerodynamics by wrapping around the cage, keeping everything closer to the rider. The sculpted design allows air to flow around the pouch and water bottle. Thanks to a Velcro pull-tab that connects to a Velcro pad on the bag there’s no issue with “zipper-flying,” either. There’s a surprising amount of room in the compact package – we were easily able to stuff everything we would need to repair a clincher tube on the go.

XLAB suggests that the Aero Pouch 300 only be used with metal-mount carriers (they suggest their Delta 300, Delta 400, Delta 425, Delta Sonic and Delta Sonic XL carriers) and it’s easy to install around your water bottle cage. It retails for US$44.95.