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X²PERFORMANCE launches a Triathlon Team

X²PERFORMANCE to select 21 athletes to participate in Ironman events. Apply by June 15.

X²PERFORMANCE®, the Official Sports Supplement of the 2013 IRONMAN® U.S. Series, is announcing that it is forming a new team of triathletes and is accepting applications through June 15 for serious, aspiring triathletes to join the team and compete at either IRONMAN Florida or IRONMAN Arizona in November of this year.

As part of the X²PERFORMANCE® Triathlon Team, hand selected athletes will be provided with a complimentary entry to one of the two, sold-out IRONMAN events, and a case of X²PERFORMANCE® per month to enhance training. The product, which is formulated to optimize athlete physical performance with increased energy, enhanced endurance and improved recovery, will help the athletes take their training to a new level to compete on a world class stage. Athletes will be selected based on community involvement, training backgrounds and exhibition of character consistent with the ideals of X²PERFORMANCE ®.

In addition to entry into one of two IRONMAN events and a case of product, selected athletes will also receive training and racing apparel (including triathlon tops and shorts, cycling jerseys, running shirts, casual shirts, and a backpack), discounts at www.bengreefieldfitness.com and a customized discount card to share with opportunity to earn money based on each case of X2 PERFORMANCE® sold.

“We’re excited to team up with IRONMAN to provide an opportunity for triathletes across the U.S.  to be a part of the X2PERFORMANCE® Triathlon team  and X2 PERFORMANCE® family and,” said Dr. Ralph M. Ferrante, CEO of Advanced Bio Development LLC. “Triathletes are the ideal user of our product, as they are putting maximum effort into their training, with most training 6 days a week and even twice a day in many cases. X²PERFORMANCE® supplements are for the highest level of athletic performance, and we look forward to working with athletes who embody the spirit of hard work and dedication that we stand for.”

To apply to become a member of X²PERFORMANCE® Triathlon Team athletes are encouraged to visit www.x2performance.com. Entry period to apply is June 4 – June 15, with 21 selected athletes notified of their inclusion by June 16.

X²PERFORMANCE® has been engineered to enhance the generation and regeneration of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the essential unit of cellular energy created by the body’s natural biochemical processes. Consuming the recommended dose of X²PERFORMANCE® prior to physical activity can provide athletes the ability to train harder and longer, and to recover quicker, resulting in enhanced physical performance.

X²PERFORMANCE goes through rigorous testing to make sure all products adhere to or exceed the highest quality control standards. After each ingredient is individually tested, every production of the X²PERFORMANCE supplement undergoes independent laboratory testing to comply with NSF Certified for Sport®, World Anti-Doping Agency, and Informed Sport standards.