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Would you pay $223 a year to be able to ask Lucy Charles-Barclay and Jan Frodeno a question?

New App allows triathlon fans to ask pros and experts "Any Question"

Photo by: Kevin Mackinnon

Yesterday Jan Frodeno and Lucy Charles-Barclay announced that they’re working with a new app  – AnyQuestion. While there’s a promo offer of US$1 for the next week, from then on you’ll fork out US$14.99/ month for the privilege of asking the pair, along with the likes of Javier Gomez, Lucy Charles-Barclay, Flora Duffy, Gustav Iden and Kristian Blummenfelt “any question.”

“Subscribe to the wisdom you want, straight from World-class experts,” the App’s description reads on Apple’s App store. “Ask a quesiton any time, get exclusive video answers and interact directly with the pros and other fans or followers.”

“For the fans who want the real deal, straight from the source,” the description continues.


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We’re not the only ones who wonder how many fans will be willing to fork out over $200 a year for the chance to ask the pros a question. Ironman champion Skye Moench had some fun about the App on her Instagram feed as well.

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“Think you and Jan are great but I’m not going to pay to ask a question,” trijaytee commented on Charles-Barclay’s post about AnyQuestion. “Wish you, Lola and Reece all the best.”

“And no one is forcing you to,” Charles-Barclay replied. “I will still answer questions on this platform. The new app is unique in that it will be full of experts from all different fields sharing (their) knowledge.”

“It’s something to close the gap between podcasts and social media, more personal and direct,” Frodeno posted on Instagram ahead of the live chat he did with Charles-Barkley and developer Ed Baker.


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Frodeno doesn’t feel that AnyQuestion will replace other social media platforms like Insatgram, but describes the App as providing a “value add” and “expert opinion.”

We’ll have to see if athletes feel the same way and that the app will be worth over $200 a year.

Other athletes, pros and experts on the app include: Taylor Spivey, Nino Schurter, Vincent Luis, Dan Loran, Jonny Brownlee, Dr. Dan Plews, Katie Zaferes, Tim Don, Mario Mola, Emma Pallant-Browne, Tim O’Donnell, Laura Siddall, Ben Kanute, Rudy Von Berg, Paula Findlay, Joe Skipper, Ben Hoffman, Sam Appleton, Chelsea Sodaro, Craig Alexander, Mark Allen, Reece Barclay, Emma Frodeno, Tommy Zaferes, Eric Lagerstrom and Talbot Cox.