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World Multisport Championships

Walker and Ussher win.

Auckland’s Gordon Walker won this third title at the Speight’s Coast to Coast World Multisport Championships in Christchurch while Finland’s (based out of Nelson, New Zealand) Elina Ussher took her first win after finishing third last year. Canada’s Emily Miazga finished in fifth, missing her attempt at a fourth title. Canadian National Champions – Jakob Van Dorp and Ursula Tracz finished 13th and 19th respectively.

In the two-day race, Christchurch’s Adam Milne took top spot (11:05:12) and Wanaka’s Joanna Williams won the women’s division by 15 minutes (12:54:08).
2010 World Multisport Championship Results (One day race)

1.  Gordon Walker  9:43:24
2.  Dougal Allan  9:48:23
3.  Jacob Roberts  10:21:24
4.  Martin Flinta  10:29:45
5.  Mike Kelly  10:30:11
13.  Jakob Van Dorp (CAN)  10:41:49

1.  Elina Ussher  10:59:54
2.  Louise Mark  11:32:58
3.  Sophie Hart  11:47:28
4.  Jodie Fa’avae  11:55:27
5.  Emily Miazga  (CAN)  11:59:08
19.  Ursula Tracz  (CAN)  14:00:29

Check out https://www.coasttocoast.co.nz/ for more details.