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World Champion is sidelined

Moffatt breaks shoulder.

Australia’s Emma Moffatt, last year’s Dextro Energy ITU World Championship Series Champion, announced that she will miss the Mooloolaba World Cup on March 27th due to a broken shoulder.

Moffatt sustained the break two weeks ago when she crashed her bike while descending a wet hill in the Gold Coast Hinterland of Australia.

“I didn’t think anything was broken at the time, but a week later things weren’t improving so I had an MRI and that showed a couple of breaks in the humerus head,” Moffatt said.

The prognosis for the 25-year old is that her shoulder will heal completely without surgery, although she will be forced to take approximately six weeks off of swimming.

“At this stage I have ruled out Mooloolaba and then I’ll reassess what races I’ll do when I get an update on how it’s healing,” Moffatt added. “I’d still love to race the [World Championship Series] opener in Sydney but I will just have to wait and see how my shoulder progresses and see where my fitness is at.”

The seven-race Dextro Energy ITU World Championship Series kicks off in Sydney, Australia on April 11, finishing with the Grand Finale in Budapest, Hungary on September 11. Moffatt won four Championship Series races last year to take home the inaugural title ahead of Lisa Norden of Sweden and Andrea Hewitt of New Zealand.

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