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Workout Wednesday: Tempo 200s


Cannes International Swim

This week’s Workout Wednesday tests your endurance more than it works your speed in the water. We’ve been bringing you swim sets that are meant to get you faster and if you’ve been paying attention to your speedwork you should see a difference in how strong you are at slightly longer distances. If you haven’t been following our previous workouts, this one is great to set as a benchmark to come back to and test your improvement in later on. As triathletes, we’re used to swimming sets over 1000 m, especially on race day. The 200 m distance is great because it requires more attentive pacing than the shorter sets and will get you thinking about strategy and pace for your race distances. Your warmup will include some temp 50s to get your heart rate up before you launch into the main set. Pick a pace time that is challenging but can be held for all 5 sets in a single round. For most athletes, this will be anything from 3:20 to 4:00 per 200. Ideally, your second round will keep the same pace time. Happy swimming!


300 easy

12 x 50 kick on 1:10

12 x 50 swim on 1:00 descend speed 1 – 4

Main set

5 x 200 on chosen pace time (3:20/3:40/4:00 are suggested pace times)

4 x 25 drill


Cool down

200 easy

Total: 3,900 m