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Winter Training – Improve Your Indoor Training

Using your Computrainer for better indoor training.

Now that winter has arrived are you a little unsure of where to proceed next? Outside of the trainer – are you covering all of your bases? Are you even stuck on making yourself motivated to ride that pesky trainer?

Join PCG Elite Coach, Tim Cusick, and ErgVideo CEO, Paul Smeulders, to discuss winter training and how to utilize these amazing training tools to super-charge your foundation training.

This webinar will be a blend technical education on how to use your Computrainer and ErgVideo coupled with coaching advice and tips on how to maximize your indoor winter training.

ErgVideo – What is it?:

For a quick, concise, and entertaining overview of what exactly ErgVideo is please view the video below:


CompuTrainer is best in its class by a wide margin. It sets the industry standard for accuracy (± 2.5%), power (1500 watts), quality, and service lifetime (10+ years). Exclusive performance features like SpinScanTM electronic pedal stroke analysis and Adjustable Aerodynamic Drag Factor are unique to CompuTrainer. Cycling andtriathlon coaches worldwide use CompuTrainer as their primary testing instrument. USA Triathlon and USA Cycling test and train their team athletes with CompuTrainer.

Winter Training – Computrainer, ErgVideo and Keeping your Training Fresh
The webinar will focus on the following:
1.  Introduction
a.  Goals of Winter Trainingb.  Overarching Training Strategiesc.  The Challenge of “Indoor Training”d.  The Role of CT & ErgVideoe.  Benefits of “Erg Training”

2.  Understanding the Basic Set-Up and use of your Computrainer
a.  Setting up hardwareb.  Setting up softwarec.  Loading ErgVideo

3.  Setting up ErgVideo
a.  Software load and testb.  Understanding ErgVideo “profiles” and training informationc.  Basics of Intelli-coach / Setting up workouts

4.  Using Erg Workouts as part of your everyday training
a.  Having a Winter Planb.  What to focus on in your workoutsc.  Training tips and special workouts to maximize time indoorsd.  Top 5 Indoor Workouts!

5.  Q & A

For questions, contact Brandi at brandi@peakscoachinggroup.com or 540-587-9025.

Register for the live seminar on January 15 at 8 pm EST.