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Winter Racing in Quebec: Photos from the S3 Winter World Cup

Triathlon officials hope that the new “S3” format for winter triathlon, which includes snowshoeing, skating and cross country skiing, will be included in the Winter Olympics. We were in Quebec this weekend to check out the exciting new format.

The race was won by Canadians Claude Godbout (Quebec City) and Maxime Leboeuf (Gatineau). Some familiar “summer” triathlon faces were on hand, too, as Ironman specialist Annie Gervais led for much of the day before being passed by Godbout during the final cross country ski leg. Leboeuf proved that being an all-around athlete is the winning formula. The former world snowshoe champion led through almost the entire event.

Check out some of the photos from yesterday’s age group and elite races. Photos by Kevin Mackinnon.

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