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Whitfield and Armstrong engage in a Twitter debate

The two discuss draft legal triathlon racing.

Last night, Canada’s two-time Olympic medalist, Simon Whitfield, got into a compelling Twitter discussion with 7-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, and his comments towards draft legal triathlon racing.

In an article, he described draft legal racing as “shampoo, blow dry &10k run.”

Whitfield read those comments and started a discussion on his Facebook page and he managed to hook up with Armstrong on Twitter for a great discussion.

Check out the meat of the Twitter debate below:


Disappointed 2read @lancearmstrong comments that those of us working so hard towards our Olympic Tri dreams are participating in ‘a joke’.


@simonwhitfield excuse me? when did i say it was a joke? is a draft legal tri “the race of truth”? NO. i certainly never called it a joke.


@lancearmstrong I interpret “shampoo, blow dry &10k run” as ‘joke’, we work bloody hard & we love our sport, a sport you helped build.


@simonwhitfield ok, well, sorry you took it that way. not bagging you or your peers. just feel as if drafting ought NEVER be allowed.


@lancearmstrong I think u underestimate what it means when u disregard it, a lot of us looked up 2yu Go train w/@Jgomeznoya #crazyhardworker


Dear @simonwhitfield. We’re gonna have to ‘agree to disagree’ on this one which is cool by me. Oly dist races have changed over the years ..

which i clearly missed and i haven’t spent the time understanding the “whys”. Will now.


yes, agreed2disagree @lancearmstrong we love our sport, all aspects & young athletes need to appreciate its history. Best of luck in Hawaii.

Check out the links to their Twitter accounts to see the full discussion.