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What’s in my race bag: Geoff McKay

We’ve been asking professional triathletes to share with us the contents of their race bag and this week we’ve asked an age-grouper to give us his race essentials. Geoff McKay is an age-group triathlete from Toronto, Ontario. He has been racing triathlons for the past four years. He started with the sprint distance before gradually moving to half and full distances. He tells us he’s lucky to have a wife that is also a triathlete. He proposed to her right before their first Ironman together two years ago. Currently he prefers long distance racing, but plans to go back to short course as he and his wife plan to grow their family at some point soon. Geoff shared his T1 and T2 race bag contents with us.


T1 Bag (Bike)

1. I race in a Castelli Aero Race Jersey. I find it saves about five minutes over a typical sleeveless top and it provides sun protection.

2. Chamois cream – I use DZNuts stored in a small ziplock bag. I like this product because of its antibacterial properties and its very mild scent.

3. Aero Helmet – I wear the Giro Selector. I chose this one because it tests well in the wind tunnel.

4. Nutrition – I store most of my nutrition in the pockets of my bike jersey. I like Honey Stinger Waffles and PowerBar Gels.

5. Sunglasses – I wear the Oakley M-Frame. These are the only sunglasses that sit high enough on my face so that I’m not looking over the frames.

6. Socks – WrightSock’s Cool Meshes are the best!

I always pack a “special needs bag” for my bike. This includes a spare tube and spare CO2 canister in case I get a flat.

T2 Bag (Run)

1. I love my Nike Free 4.0 running shoes.

2. Just in case I need a second pair, I’ll pack some more WrightSock Cool Meshes.

3. Visor – I pack a Headsweats visor and a 2XU visor and I’ll use whichever is cleaner that day.

4. Nutrition – Usually just a few PowerBar gels but I general use the nutrition they provide on the run course that day.

5. Race belt with my bib.