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WelcomeAthletes offers affordable alternative to hotels for triathletes

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/aUqV-lEz3qU”]

A new Quebec-based company is offering a solution to the expensive accommodation costs athletes face when they travel for competition. WelcomeAthletes is a new hospitality service that pairs athletes with hosts in the local sports community around events that they are travelling to.

The project, which launches officially in February 2017, currently offers a $15 lifetime membership pricing for crowdfunding supports. After that, memberships will be $12 annually. While still in the development phase, WelcomeAthletes hopes to establish a database that will effectively match athlete members with host members so they can correspond and arrange the details of the stay between themselves. They hope to also help facilitate ride-sharing and finding a training buddy in the area.

Athletes can support the project through this link.