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Video: The 2016 ITU S3 Winter World Cup in Quebec City

Two weeks ago, TMC travelled to Quebec City for the 2016 ITU S3 Winter World Cup as part of the Pentathlon des Neiges. True to their winter roots, Canadians elites dominated the men’s and women’s races, proving their abilities in snow-shoeing, skating and skiing in one multisport event. The weekend was packed with strong age-group performances as well, including Clemence Trudel claiming the overall women’s age-group title in her second year racing the event. Yves St. Pierre, the men’s age-group winner, now prefers the S3 event to summer triathlon.

Over 5,000 athletes snow-shoed, skated and skiied across the Plains of Abraham, one of the most beautiful spots in the country. As part of a week-long festival, the event is a true celebration of winter endurance sport in Canada.

The winter triathlon season may be coming to a close, but if you missed out this winter there are plenty across Canada to sign up for next year. This video from the 2016 S3 race will get you excited to