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VIDEO: Brownlee brothers star in funny commercial for Yorkshire Tea

Olympic medallists Alistair and Jonathan show off their multisport skills in hilarious commercial for British tea company, Yorkshire Tea.

Alistair and Jonathan Brownlee’s fame has begun to land them media opportunities outside of triathlon.

The Olympic medallist brothers, who made international headlines after last year’s ITU Grand Final in Cozumel when Alistair helped his suffering brother cross the finish line, show off their multisport skills while starring in a new commercial for Yorkshire Tea.

The commercial, which was posted to the brand’s Facebook page late Sunday evening, has been widely shared across triathlon social media accounts during the past 24 hours. It shows the brothers sporting ITU-inspired Yorkshire Tea tri suits and swimming, biking and running their way towards a tea delivery. It pokes fun at the brothers’ one-two finish at Rio.

While the brothers have different goals in the sport heading into the next four years ahead of Tokyo 2020 — Alistair plans to race on the Ironman 70.3 circuit while Jonathan will continue to compete in ITU racing — both will be seen competing in the new Super League Triathlon which kicks off this month. Jonathan announced on social media recently that he has developed an early season injury and will sit out of the first round of the race, while Alistair is still set to compete.