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Vidal and Moffatt win the ITU Geelong Sprint Triathlon

Two-time Ironman World Champion Chris McCormack finished seventh.

At the Geelong ITU Sprint Triathlon Premium Oceania Cup in Australia, France’s Laurent Vidal and Australia’s Emma Moffatt captured wins.

“I think my face tells the pain,” Vidal said. “It was really hard, pushing it. I must have found an extra gear in the last 500m. I had to work a little bit on the bike. It was a really hard 50 minutes but it’s a fantastic course – a bit of change from Christchurch where I train, so I really enjoyed it.”

“I was just trying to stick with Teresa in the swim and on the bike. It was a good challenge for me to stay with her; and then I felt pretty good on the run so I just went for it and finished it off. I didn’t want anyone running over the top of me,” said Moffatt. “That’s the competitor coming out. It’s always nice to have someone chasing, or having someone right there to chase – it’s the high pressure situations.”

The International Triathlon Union has a full race recap.

Elite Women

1. Emma Moffatt AUS 1:01:35

2. Anne Haug GER 1:02:43

3. Liz Blatchford GBR 1:02:58

4. Erin Densham AUS 1:03:04

5. Teresa Adam NZL 1:03:11

6. Natalie Van Coevorden AUS 1:03:17

7. Ashleigh Gentle AUS 1:03:49

8. Jaz Hedgeland AUS 1:04:00

9. Sarissa De Vries NED 1:04:09

10. Charlotte McShane AUS 1:04:18

Elite Men

1. Laurent Vidal FRA 55:19

2. William Clarke GBR 55:21

3. Tony Dodds NZL 55:39

4. Drew Box AUS 55:41

5. Aaron Royle AUS 55:48

6. Cameron Good AUS 55:58

7. Chris McCormack AUS 56:06

8. Jamie Huggett AUS 56:07

9. Richard Varga SVK 56:14

10. Courtney Atkinson AUS 56:25