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US Mile Record Holder’s Last Mile Before Moving to Triathlon

Alan Webb
Alan Webb

Set to make his move to triathlon official, US mile record holder competed in his final race at the Wanamaker Mile at the 2014 Millrose Games on the weekend at the Armory Track and Field Centre where he first broke the 4:00 mile while still in high school.

While he was aiming for a sub-4:00 min mile  on Saturday, he ran 4:06:11 to finish 11th. Webb noted after the race that his final kick has been slowed by his biking and swimming. Of his retirement, Webb seemed emotional but resolved insisting, “It just reminded me of going to the gym when you’re a kid, and you’re shooting and missing, and you’re thinking I can’t leave the gym on a miss — I’ve got to make one before I go home,” Webb said. “That’s kind of what I wanted, but it is what it is. I’m just not hitting the finish line the way I used to.”

Stay tuned for his fast runs in triathlon as he aims for the Olympic team.