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US mile record holder, Alan Webb successfully transitioning to triathlon.

Credit: runteamwebb.wordpress.com
Credit: runteamwebb.wordpress.com


American mile record holder Alan Webb is showing serious potential after transitioning to triathlon. He’s raced in three triathlons since his retirement from the track at the Millrose Games in February. Most recently, Webb was second by two seconds behind Kyle Jones in the PATCO Pan AM cup in Magog, Quebec on July 26th.

Webb, who set the American mile record of 3:46:91 in 2007, ran four seconds faster than Jones over the 5km run in 14:20 at Magog and rode four seconds faster than him over the 20km ride. He was only one second behind him on the swim. Jones’s blazing fast transitions, however, were no contest for Webb whose T1 and T2 were four and five seconds slower.

In an interview with the US Olympic Committee, Webb’s coach Jonathan Hall said, “One of the exciting things about Alan is probably what we don’t know. He’s already competing at a high level, and there’s a huge margin for the unknown and improvement.”
Webb became intrigued by triathlon after watching a sprint triathlon last fall and set his sights on the sport. “I wanted to see growth in myself again,” Webb told the USOC. “I finally got to the point where I was comfortable saying that I had given everything I had as a professional track athlete.”
Webb has also indicated that making the 2016 Olympic team is on his mind, telling the USOC, “I’d be lying if I didn’t say that was my goal.”