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University of Toronto opens exercise research facility to decrease mental health problems on campus


A new facility at the University of Toronto aims to push forward research on what we know about the correlation between physical activity and mental well being.

The Mental Health and Physical Activity Research Centre is a newly-opened location at the university where researchers work one-on-one with students to study the effects exercise has on their mental health. It’s designed to be an interactive, hands-on approach versus a behind the scenes, theory-based study.

Students who come in are asked to do workouts while researchers look at which ones they enjoy doing and what changes occur during and after they do it. For a long time, health studies have targetted the relationship between mental health struggles and exercise but researchers at The University of Toronto facility want to expand what we already know.

This initiative is part of the school’s commitment to decrease the mental health challenges faced by students on campus.

It’s not uncommon for university and college students to settle into sedentary lifestyles with swarms of paper deadlines and looming exams to focus on. These factors combined can lead to depression and anxiety for many.

Right now, leaders at the Mental Health and Physical Activity Research Centre are hoping that this ongoing research will encourage students to get more active.