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Two more races for the TriStar Series

Cannes and Salzkammergut added to the schedule in 2012.

Cannes and Salzkammergut are the newest TriStar 2012 destinations, along with Berlin and Deauville, which were officially presented a few weeks ago.

TriStar Cannes (111 and 55.5 formats) adds to Deauville, Lyon and the race in Principality of Monaco, completing a wide triathlon races range in France and proximities. Located on the Riviera, Cannes is very attractive for its cultural life and for its touristic side. It is the home of one of the best known International Film Festivals, and Cannes itself is like a big “film set”. This destination gives the opportunity to athletes to enjoy a beautiful beach for swimming, a tough and demanding bike segment and a run race through the historical centre of the movies capital of France, on April 29. This is going to be one of the earliest triathlon in Europe, an unique chance to start the season in France, bringing the opportunity to athletes and their families to enjoy this hot spot to the Mediterranean area. Fun is guaranteed. Triathletes will race in the same streets where the actors pass during the Cannes Festival. This race is organized by Star Production France, and Manuela Garelli is the race director.

TriStar Salzkammergut (111 and 55.5 formats), in Attersee, in the region of Upper Austria, will be held in one of the most popular places in Austria on June 3, offering nature pure to its participants. Triathletes can enjoy a triathlon passing spectacular spots and experiencing beautiful views racing around the lake Attersee. The region offers several lakes with crystal clear water and excellents roads for cyclists to rise to 2,000 meters, and then fall back to the lake for some relax and tranquility. In addition to the natural environment, Attersee is very close to big cities like Salzburg or Linz, which makes it a perfect destination for the whole family (shopping, cultural tourism…). Its location in the north of Austria (Upper Austria) also makes it an ideal race for German triathletes, who in 2012 will have the option to choose TriStar Worms-Germany and TriStar Berlin as well. The Economic and Tourism official of Upper Austria Mr. Viktor Sigl says that “as evidenced by the numerous state championship titles, Upper Austria, with its successful athletes inside the red-white-Country is the number one Federal State. Moreover, when it comes to hoste major international sporting events we are cerainly a reliable partner. Numerous World and European Championships were organized such as: Fistball, Mountain Biking, Horse Riding and Sailing. The TriStar Salzkammergut upper Austria is an excellent opportunity to present themselves internationally as host.”

For Georg Hochegger, CEO of Star Production SARL, “we are very proud to host a TriStar race in Cannes as an exclusive destination at the Côte d’Azur which completes a great offer of events in France and Monaco. For Star Events was also one of our main goals to set up in Austria. With TriStar Salzkammergut we found the perfect place to continue introducing the brand to the German and Centro European market, so important for the TriStar growing in 2012, in a natural area unique in the continent and so special for the company because is the first race in Austria.”