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‘Twas the morning after New Year’s

Courtesy of our friends at Canadian Running. Happy New Year!

T’was the morning after New Years, when all through the house

Not a creature, was running, not even a mouse.

The groans and the moans were heard far and near,

With knowledge that, “New Year resolutions”, soon would be here.

The parents were nestled all slumped in their beds,

Whilst visions of knee-braces, danced in their heads.

With my sore ankles and my friends bad back,

We dreaded the C-2-5K plan we agreed to a long while back (Yes, I know I used “back” twice, this isn’t easy)

When out on the doorstep there arose a big clatter,

I crawled from my bed to see what was the matter.

I limped down the stairs and I saw by the door,

A parcel that was late from the mail order store.

The light from the street-lamp shining on through,

The door window to my parcel below.

To my astonished eyes, as I opened the parcel,

Was a book by a guy called Christopher McDougall. (That was pretty bad -please don’t groan)

An astonishing tale about a man, who couldn’t run jack,

Because of the pains, in his knees and his back.

Decided to find a lost tribe down in some Canyons,

To see if they had the secret of running long, fast ones (distances that is)

Now, Darn it! Now, Dang it! No pains and No issues!

On, running! On, training! On, road and on hills, and

To the top of the mountains! To the top of that hill!

Now let’s dash away! Dash away! Run away all!

Read the rest here.


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