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TriStar Split moved to May 27

TriStar 111 and 55.5 events for this historic city in Croatia.

After a very successful first race, the UNESCO City of Split will be again included in the TriStar series. In 2012 the date of the race will be moved to the 27th of May that suits perfectly in both, the TriStar’s and City’s Calendar. TriStar will thus pay tribute to Sveti Duje (St. Domnius), the protector of the City and will have the honor to be a part of the centuries long tradition “Sudamija”, a festival that takes place in Split during the month of May which includes sports, cultural and music events. Besides that,┬áit’s a month of long mild and sunny days in the heart of the Adriatic. A perfect time and setting for a great race.

Focused on environmental protection, social responsibility and lots of healthy, active fun, this 2nd edition of the race in Split will not be as challenging as the 1st race. The Athletes will be able to discover the beauty of the landscape during the bike ride through Split’s hinterland and surrounding villages, and the hilly run from the first edition will be replaced by a flat run along the Adriatic see on the recently restored promenade, guiding the Athletes towards the refreshing pine forest of the Marjan peninsula.

The Participants competing in the race will swim in the beautiful harbor, after which they will head to the transition area and go on a 50 km recurring loop bike stage. The third and final leg will take the athletes on a 5 km run around the beautiful peninsula of Marjan at which point they will turn around and head back to the finish line located before the Expo zone on Split’s promenade, just a stone’s throw away from the famous Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace.

New this year is the format TriStar 55.5. This is compared to TriStar111 half the distance in the same race. Both distances are also offered as a relay. Besides the physical, challenges of social responsibility and environmental protection will play an important role, which will manifest itself in various side events. Overall, the race features a beautiful and picturesque course steeped in history and draped across fabulous views of the timeless Adriatic.

TriStar Split
TriStar111 and TriStar55.5 on the 27th May 2011