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TriStar Series increases prize purse for Pro triathletes

Nicole Leder to look after the professionals in TriStar.

The TriStar Series, keeps growing in 2012, preparing even better conditions for professional athletes such as the introduction of the Pro Prize Purse in 9 of the TriStar events worldwide that adds up to 90,000€. TriStar Nevis, Mallorca, Cannes, Deauville, Lyon, Salzkammergut, Milton Keynes, Minnesota and Monaco will share a cash purse which will be distributed equally between men and women following the ITU rules (top five ranked), attracting top triathletes to the most interesting destinations. Nicole Leder is responsible to run a new platform to support pro athletes through a new TriStar ranking, special online communications service and facilities and a personal back.

The best professional triathletes raced TriStar events in the last two years. Athletes like Chris ‘Macca’ McCormack, Normann Stadler, Marcel Zamora, Olivier Marceau, Fernanda Keller, Lothar Leder, Paul Amey, Desiree Ficker, Rachel Joyce… participated in many successful TriStar races to taste its new spirit, to prepare for other races or just to have fun and reach another victory! Star Events wants to create a new incentive to compete and to fully enjoy the easy recovery format of the triathlon. The prize purses are already confirmed at 9 of the TriStar races. 90,000€ PRO cash purse will be shared between the top 5 ranked triathletes in TriStar111 Nevis (31 March), Mallorca (15 April), Cannes (29 April), Deauville (17 June), Salzkammergut (3 June), Lyon (15 July) Milton Keynes (29 July), Minnesota (25 August) and Monaco (2 September).

Nevis and Minnesota will offer US $10,000 (Minnesota PRO Prize purse is sponsored by Urban Tri). The winners of six of the European races, with the exception of Milton Keynes, will share 10,000€, and the first TriStar111 in Great Britain is giving to the professionals an amount of £8,000. The prize purse will be in each of the TriStar111 races distributed equally between the top 5 ranked men and women, complying with the ITU rules and is reserved only for professional athletes.

Nicole Leder, the active German professional triathlete who also raced several TriStar events in the last years, is now responsible for professional athletes participating in the TriStar Series. Together with the TriStar team, she is working on the development of a very interesting program for all PROs. This will be focused on athletes care on site of each event and introducing special opportunities for professionals participating in TriStar races including a new PRO ranking.

“We have had several talks over the time, and lots of it about how to improve and develop the activities in TriStar for the PROs. Throughout these talks my conviction has grown that this is an exciting opportunity to develop TriStar to an attractive platform for professionals. I think the conditions are more than good. It’s not only that I personally very much like this easy dynamic and recovery format. It offers perfect conditions and opportunities for professionals in all means. We aim to provide an optimal platform and offer best services for all Pros and in every single race of the series. What I am doing now is to bring my experience and understanding of the professional community into the game so that we can implement our ideas perfectly into the events. I want to be the contact for the athletes as well as for the local organizers”, says Nicole Leder.

The TriStar label is presented by Star Events, a Monaco based company specializing in organizing high quality sports events that are focused on fun, social responsibility and environmental protection. The TriStar Series has grown to 27 races in these 14 destinations in less than three years: Nevis (St.Kitts and Nevis), Mallorca and Madrid (Spain), Lyon, Deauville and Cannes (France), Split (Croatia), Worms-Germany (Germany), Salzkammergut and Kufstein (Austria), Milton Keynes (United Kingdom), Estonia-Otepää (Estonia), Minnesota (USA), Monaco (Monaco). TriStar has introduced new distances to the sport of triathlon (A/N: 111km and 222km), officially recognized by ITU, as well as a brand new Team Racing Concept T5. More Info: www.tristarseries.com and www.star-events.cc