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TriStar Madrid gets a new date

The race closes out the TriStar Series for 2012.

The second edition of the TriStar Madrid is coming back to Casa de Campo in the city centre of Madrid. There will be a new date – 23 September – and a new race parallel to the successful TriStar111: TriStar33.3 Madrid. This is going to be an ideal combination for the most experienced athletes as well as for those who want to debut in this sport. TriStar111 Madrid is the only event of the TriStar International Series where drafting is allowed on the bike segment (10 loops of 10km) and will be the first T5 TriStar Team race. T5 TriStar Team is a new kind of triathlon race for teams, which will be introduced shortly.

TriStar33.3 and TriStar111 Madrid will be held on 23 September at the Casa de Campo – a venue that also hosts the ITU World Series. This new date places the international race at the end of the season for everyone to enjoy the pleasant Spanish weather in September. In the same way that TriStar Mallorca opens the European season in less than 15 days (15 April), TriStar Madrid will be the perfect destination to enjoy one of the latest spots for triathletes before the winter.

The race course remains the same as in 2011. It starts with 1km of swimming in the calm waters of the Casa de Campo Lake. The 100km cycling part will be accomplished in 10 laps of 10km, which is why drafting will be permitted in this race, the only one of the TriStar International Triathlon Series. The closing run will be done in two laps of 5km each, adding up to the total race distance of 111km for the second edition of the TriStar Madrid. TriStar33.3 means 300m swimming, 30km cycling and 3km running. The first edition was highly valued by the last year’s participants, because of the settings and the athletes’ care before, during and after the race. As a world premiere, Madrid will host also the T5 TriStar Team, a brand new triathlon format where up to five athletes representing the same team will compete together. More details on the T5 TriStar Team will be announced shortly.

All TriStar races are focused on environmental protection and adhere to the 4vita.org program of setting up sports events with minimal environmental impact. Social responsibility will be in the limelight as the race collects funds for a local cancer charity.

“For the Madrid Triathlon Federation is quite important to host again a TriStar in the Community of Madrid. On the one hand, we are on the way to consolidate an international high quality event, with a fun format recognized by the ITU. On the other hand, it allows us to share experiences with international professional organizers working in different countries with different cultures, and keeps us abreast of development of our sport. We also offer our athletes a different and race format focused on fun. It is an excellent opportunity for Madrid to promote the sport tourism in the region as well”, says Lorenzo Bernal, president of the Madrid Triathlon Federation.

The registration period is now open: www.tristarmadrid.com

TriStar Madrid is organized by Star Events with the cooperation and support of the Madrid Triathlon Federation. Spanish triathletes José Almagro and Esther Leal were the winners of the inaugural TriStar111 Madrid.