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TriStar goes to Brazil on October 14, 2012

Rio de Janeiro will host TriStar111 and TriStar55.5 competitions.

A new concept in the organization of high-quality triathlon events is arriving to Brazil this year: The city of Rio de Janeiro will host a TriStar on October 14, 2012. Rio, home of the 2016 Olympics and the FIFA World Cup in 2014, will stage the inaugural edition of this race, part of an international series held also in other 15 different destinations in the world, such as Monaco, France, USA, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Estonia, the Caribbean or Croatia. The fun format of the triathlon becomes one of the international epicenters of sport and culture! Triathlon is rapidly growing and Star Events is offering something unique to the athletes worldwide in the best destinations.

The race course will be a real City Triathlon with a start from the beach in the bay of Guanabara. The stunning bike course will be on fully closed roads through the heart of the city and leading athletes along some of the most scenic spots in Rio, making them experience a mix of beautiful views on the sea, historic architecture and the modernity of the city. The run part will be held on a 5km loop along the sea. Rio will host a TriStar111 and a TriStar55.5, ideal for beginners and experienced triathletes who want to feel the new spirit of this well-known fun format which offers an easy recovery for the athletes. The TriStar111 Rio de Janeiro (1km swimming, 100km cycling and 10km running) is the premiere of this international triathlon series in South America and will offer a unique chance to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in the world. TriStar55.5 is an easy triathlon format ideal to debut in this sport thanks to its distance: 500m swimming, 50km cycling and 5km running. TriStar’s fun-focused format is accessible to both Individuals and Relay teams of 2 or 3.

“We are very glad to bring this revolutionary and high-quality event to South America. Brazil is the perfect destination to merge sports and tourism in a perfect momentum for the country and for Rio de Janeiro. TriStar is growing and growing and we are looking forward to setting up in Rio a successful event, as the first step of Star Events in the region” said Star Events Chairman and CEO Georg Hochegger.

TriStar is known as one of the most charming and fun triathlon formats in the world. Professional triathletes, former pro athletes from other sports and VIPs are participating in the TriStar events world-wide. Formula 1 drivers, such as Lucas di Grassi, Jenson Button, Bruno Senna or Alex Wurz have adopted some of these events as part of their trainings. Big names of the triathlon world, like the Brazilian Fernanda Keller, Chris McCormack, Olivier Marceau, Lothar Leder and many others are TriStar ambassadors and are taking part in many races.

TriStar is based on three core concepts: Fun, Environmental Protection and Social Responsibility. These events promote a fun and fit atmosphere without the apprehension of intense competition. Designed for amateur athletes and supported and co-developed by professional triathletes, the TriStar Series is making triathlon more accessible than ever.

TriStar Rio de Janeiro (a full weekend of sports and activities) is organized by Star Events South America, and is the result of a partnership between two agencies, ONE International Sport Business and Star Events.

TriStar Rio de Janeiro
TriStar111 & TriStar55.5 October, 14 2012