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TriStar distances to be officially recognized by the ITU

Race distances range from 222 to 11.1 km.

Star Production SARL, the company behind the fast growing TriStar Series of triathlons has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the International Triathlon Union (ITU) which will integrate TriStar distances (222, 111, 55.5, 33.3, 11.1) into ITU official regulations. Positioning as an international series, TriStar is the first and unique private label to receive this international recognition from Triathlon’s world governing body.

After different talks between the two parties, ITU President Marisol Casado and Star Production CEO Georg Hochegger have agreed to go the same way: develop and open triathlon to new target groups and new formats.

Signing this MOU, ITU will recognize TriStar distances and Star Production will organize TriStar races under the ITU Competition Rules and will be in regular contact with the ITU Technical Committee in order to apply the adapted regulations set by Triathlon’s world governing body.

This agreement will help TriStar and National Federations to work together to develop the sport of Triathlon in different areas. TriStar is already working with different national federations in Croatia, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Nevis, Spain, and the United States.

“Recognizing TriStar’s distances under ITU rules is another exciting step for triathlon’s future. Triathlon is a dynamic and exciting sport that, at its heart, is about performing across three disciplines – swim, bike and run, regardless of the distance,” said Marisol Casado, ITU President and IOC Member.

“We are sure that Triathlon can become one of the most popular sport in the near future due to its natural specificities including swim, bike and run which are the 3 sports that everyone can do and learn to practice from the earliest childhood on. Nowadays endurance sport receives more attraction then ever and this also means we need to work on ideas to grow our sport and build the enthusiasm. I am very happy to see that Marisol Casado shares the same vision than us here at Star Production. Accepting our new distances within the Triathlon family just shows that we are on the good way to develop the sport together, whatever the topic.” outlined Georg Hochegger, CEO of Star Production SARL.

ITU and Star Production will also discuss other elements of development within the sport such as communications, anti-doping, youth triathlon, sustainable sport and health. It is a goal of Marisol Casado to gather motivated people in order to create a Triathlon family and have everyone pushing in the same direction to show the world that Triathlon can become one of the most popular sports on earth.

TriStar Series

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