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Triathlon Ontario Announces 2014-15 Provincial Team


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Triathlon Ontario announced today the athletes that will make up its Provincial Development Team for the 2014-15 season. This year’s team is made up of a combination of U23 and Junior Elite athletes that were not already participating in the RTC Guelph, a Triathlon Ontario supported program, and who were able to commit to participating in the portions of the program that were mandatory. The list of athletes were selected based on their results in 2014 at various elite level competitions such as ITU, PATCO, Nationals, National Junior Series and Provincials.

2014-15 Provincial Development Team

Megan Adams

Elise Bolger

Austen Forbes

Taylor Forbes

Alec Jarvis

Jacob Jamnicky

Madeleine Kennedy

Samantha Klus

Garrick Loewen

Patrick Smith

Kirsten Vergara


The Team function will be this weekend at the new multi-million dollar Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre where the athletes will take part in a two-day testing camp, which will include various lactate and threshold testing, nutrition education, gait analysis, FMS testing and anthropometric assessments. The testing will be overseen by experts at the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario.

This year’s Program was designed by Triathlon Ontario in conjunction with Canadian Sport Institute Ontario, a major funding partner, and Triathlon Canada‘s High Performance Committee. The Program will include various camps, clinics, testing, race support and coach professional development opportunities, with the purpose of enhancing the athlete’s daily performance environment. The Program will also look for opportunities to include junior and/or youth athletes in Provincial events that are not official Team members, where possible.

For more information about the Program and opportunities to participate, please contact Greg Kealey, Provincial Development Coach at coach@triathlonontario.com.


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