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Triathlon Ontario acquires its first ever sponsor

Triathlon Ontario

Triathlon Ontario, the governing body of the sport of triathlon in Ontario, announced today a one-year sponsorship agreement with INFINIT Nutrition Canada. This agreement represents the first sponsor of Triathlon Ontario and its members in the history of the organization.

Triathlon Ontario members will receive a 20% discount on all purchases of INFINIT Nutrition products when they enter their Triathlon Ontario membership numbers during their online purchases, plus members will get a free nutritional consultation to assist in the creation of their own custom formulation to best suit their personal racing and training needs.

Exclusively for the launch of this new partnership, INFINIT has created a special triathlon package of its Go Pack product line that includes: 2 Ride Go Packs, 1 Run Go Pack, 1 Repair Go Pack, 1 Jet Fuel Go Pack and 1 Raw Go Pack. The regular retail price (including shipping) for this bundled pack is $74.95 but with the 20% discount, T.O. members get it for $59.95, (a $120 value). Take a look at the Tri Pack 2014.

INFINIT’s custom approach generates a custom formulation that is made to exactly match each individual’s nutritional requirements – all the carbs required from three different sources to maximize uptake, all the sodium/electrolytes needed to maintain balance, protein to get you through Iron distances if required and key amino acids that will help prevent muscle breakdown and aid recovery. The single source for all your nutritional needs will be formulated to be isotonic to your bodily fluids – this ensures immediate gastric emptying and then rapid absorption across the small intestine.