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Triathlon Couple: What’s in Our Race Bag?

Angela Quick and Alex VanderLinden are a triathlon super-couple based out of Kitchener, Ontario. Both compete as pros and have had impressive results so far this year. Quick recently won the Belwood Triathlon after undergoing surgery only weeks prior and VanderLinden grabbed silver behind Lionel Sanders at Ironman 70.3 Muskoka. We asked Quick and VanderLinden to fill us in on their race day essentials. Often traveling and racing together, they use a lot of the same equipment which works out well if one forgets something.

Contents of Angela’s Race Bag

Angela’s swim essentials are her Body glide, wetsuit, tri suit and Vorgee goggles. “I usually have a few pairs offering different tints for various lighting conditions and carry a spare just in case a strap breaks last minute.” Her bike essentials are her cycling shoes, Smith glasses (again with different lens options), a few water bottles, aero helmet and a variety of energy gels. For the run, she brings along her Saucony racing flats, belt and watch.

Contents of Alex's Race Bag
Contents of Alex’s Race Bag

Here’s a shot of Alex’s bag from his recent race at Ironman 70.3 Muskoka. “Since I was travelling to this race and had getting there a few days early, I brought a few extra tools with me than I usually would if I was getting to the race the morning of.” Alex likes to be prepared for any situation such as punctured tubes or slashed tires. “I use the TYR Convoy Transition Bag. It is a large bag that when opened has three main compartments organized by sport as well as numerous pockets to keep things organized.”

Compartment 1 – Swim, Nutrition, Miscellaneous
1) Two pairs of goggles – Vorgee Missile, one tinted and one clear
2) One swim cap for a pre-race swim or in case the water is really cold to double up
3) Swim skin – Nineteen Rogue
4) Body glide
5) Drink Mix – Infinite Custom Blend
6) Headlamp for in case it is still dark when I arrive at transition

Compartment 2 – Cycling
1) Cycling shoes
2) Sunglasses – Smith PivLock
3) Bike computer
4) Bike shorts and jersey (not pictured) for any pre race rides

Compartment 3 – Running
1) Two pairs of running shoes – Altra Instinct
2) Race belt
3) Watch
4) Running shorts and singlet (not pictured) for any pre-race runs

Alex's bike tools
Alex’s bike tools

For Ironman 70.3 Muskoka, Alex brought a cassette tool and chain whip, multi-tool, disc adapter, rubber bands, scissors, electrical tape, a tire and extra inner tube. He stores these tools in the side compartments of his race bag.