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Triathlon Canada CEO Committed to Developing Community and Partnership

Tim Wilson was appointed as the CEO of Triathlon Canada in February of this year and has brought a number of innovative ideas to the federation which are beginning to be rolled out. His passion for the sport and his extensive experience and direction are sure to make triathlon stronger than ever in Canada. Prior to joining the Toronto-based headquarters, Wilson sold a successful marketing and customer service business before moving to Canada to head up Alberta Triathlon Association. Before that, and since the early 1990s, Wilson has held committee memberships and leadership positions within the sport’s organizing bodies in his native Australia, including as National Executive Director of Triathlon Australia.  As part of his community building efforts, Wilson is bringing back the federation’s monthly newsletter, helping members to stay informed and connected. Read his opening comments below.


June  2014

A Message from Chief Executive Officer – Tim Wilson
On behalf of everyone at Triathlon Canada, I am pleased to reintroduce you to our monthly newsletter – The Insider. With the 2014 season now well upon us, we are committed to keeping our members informed on what is happening within our triathlon community. Looking forward to Rio 2016, we will be unwavering in our efforts to maintain a standard of excellence both at the national and international level. With this in mind, we have been busy developing the resources necessary to ensure our athletes reach the podium.Our High Performance Director, Libby Burrell, and National High Performance Coach, Jamie Turner, are working tirelessly in fine tuning our high performance focus and strategy. In addition, Paratriathlon High Performance Director, Shaunna Taylor, and new Paratriathlon National Coach, Carolyn Murray, are continuing to forge ahead in preparing our team for its debut at the Paralympics in Rio in just two years time.

Over the winter months, administrators, race directors, technical officials and volunteers have been busy preparing for another summer season. But before we enter the heat of summer, the climax of the winter season was surely the staging of the 2014 Quebec Winter Triathlon in Quebec City. This exciting new snow shoe, skate and ski event was an outstanding success and demonstrates the potential for this growing winter element in our sport.

The pinnacle this summer will of course be the staging of the 2014 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final (August 26 to September 1) in our very own Edmonton. Over 800 Canadian representatives will make their way to this wonderful and triathlon friendly city to take on the worlds best. In addition, we are staging a test event in Toronto for the 2015 Pan American Games on 12 July, and Pan American Continental Cup events in Magog, Que. (19/12 July) and Kelowna, B.C. (17 August).

Meanwhile, behind the scenes we will continue to work with our provincial colleagues and corporate partners in developing a number of new initiatives, that will add structure and quality to all elements of our sport. We are fully committed to being a world leader in triathlon, and this commences with providing grass roots participation opportunities, safe and competitive national races, successful staging of international events to ensuring our athletes maximise their full potential on the podium.

May I take this opportunity to wish all members, training and participating in all events up to and including the Ironman, a very safe, rewarding and successful summer race season.

Tim Wilson
Chief Executive Officer