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Triathlete completes race in a suit and on a commuter bike, finishes mid-pack


A triathlete at the Chicago Triathlon decided to opt out of racing in his usual top-ouf-the-line gear and complete the supersprint distance in a suit and on a commuter bike.

Rishan Mohideen, who works at a triathlon store in Chicago, told Business Insider he wanted to “put a twist on the ultimate endurance sport” and was inspired by the everyday business men and women he sees commenting to work in their suits.

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The idea came from wondering, “Why don’t we turn the professional commuter into the professional athlete?” he explained.

In his wool suit, Mohideen completed the 13-km distance race in 1:02:54 averaging 2:45 min/metre in the swim, 20 km/hr on his rented commuter bike and roughly 6 min/km pace on the run. His time put him 34th out of 70 male competitors across the distance. Mohideen says the most difficult part of the race was getting a full swim stroke while wearing the suit.

With files from SFGate