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Tremblay and Brown win ITU Coteau du Lac

Yorke gets second.

Montreal’s Kathy Tremblay brought victory to her home province of Quebec today at the Coteau du Lac ITU Pan American Cup. St.

St. George’s Angela Quick led the swim (21:13), no one managed to break away on the bike, and in the end Tremblay simply ran faster 10 km split (37:17) than Victoria’s Alexandra Coates for the win in 2:07:20. Coates finished second (2:07:44), and St. Nicolas’ Manon Letourneau claimed third (2:08:57) with the fastest run of the day (37:17).

“It was a good opportunity to do a race 20 minutes from home and those girls were really aggressive today,” said Tremblay, to Triathlon Canada. “You need to take breaks during the season, but that was a kick in the butt today telling me the holidays are over and it is time to get going. I have no regrets. That was a good challenge today and I’m happy I got the win in front of my family.”

It was much of the same for the men’s race where Victoria’s Matthew Sharpe dictated the pace during the swim (19:26), thereafter a group of seven men broke away during the 40 km bike, then the USA’s Ethan Brown outran Caledon’s Andrew Yorke during the final run (33:01 vs 33:20) to take the win (1:54:45). Yorke finished second (1:55:07) and Germany’s Paul Schuster picked up third (1:55:18).

Elite Women

1 Kathy Tremblay (CAN)  2:07:20

2 Alexandra Coates (CAN)  2:07:44

3 Manon Letourneau (CAN)  2:08:57

4 Evelyne Blouin (CAN)  2:10:04

5 Kyla Coates (CAN)  2:10:59

6 Lauren Goldstein- Kral (USA)  2:11:25

7 Mireille Rodrigue (CAN)  2:12:21

8 Dorelle Hinton (CAN)  2:13:18

9 Kristina Schultz (CAN)  2:14:17

10 Virginia Lopez (URU)  2:14:41

Elite Men

1 Ethan Brown (USA)  1:54:45

2 Andrew Yorke (CAN)  1:55:07

3 Paul Schuster (GER)  1:55:18

4 Jason Wilson (BAR)  1:55:47

5 Alexander Hinton (CAN)  1:56:55

6 Andre Paul Baillargeon Smith (CAN)  1:57:38

7 Yanik Leduc (CAN)  1:58:09

8 Matt Vierula (CAN)  1:58:19

9 John Rasmussen (CAN)  1:58:45

10 Martin Oliver (URU)  1:59:09

Full results here.