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Top Pros Collaborate on Kicker Endurance Training



Canadian Pros Collaborate on the launch of a new online coaching program Kicker Endurance. The company launched yesterday. Under head coach Kevin Cutjar, some of the country’s top pros including Simon Whitfield, Jeff Symonds and Heather Wurtele, along with American superstar Jordan Rapp will weigh in on your training. The company’s website explains, “Kicker analyzes your individual experience, fitness and goals, and creates the optimal training plan to achieve the results you want.”

The first 1000 to sign up will get 50 per cent off the annual membership with the promo code 3240158.


Kicker’s three step process includes the following:

1. Tell Kicker About You
Our carefully selected questions are designed to inform Kicker of your goals – as well as your experience level, strengths, weaknesses, and recent training.

2. Generate Your Custom Training Plan
Kicker uses your answers to create a training plan designed to prime your body to run, swim or cycle your best race – all optimized around the event dates you choose.

3. Train Smarter
Kicker gives you all the tools you need to become the best endurance athlete you can be. From key analytics that help you monitor your progress, to detailed training instructions from the pros, you’ll be stronger, faster and more confident come race day.

Visit: www.kickerendurance.com