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Thomas Hellriegel wins TriStar111 Estonia for the second time

Lisa Hütthaler takes her second TriStar111 title.

Hellriegel wins TriStar111 Estonia 2012
Hellreigel wins TriStar 111 Estonia.

Thomas Hellriegel won his second TriStar111 Estonia, putting the hammer down on the bike and holding the lead over Estonia’s Kirill Kotšegarov and Latvia’s Rinalds Sluckis with a final finish time of 3:13:12 missing his last years time by only 20 seconds. Kirill tried to close the cap on the run but was a bit short with a finish time of 3:14.17 and Rinalds Slucks finished with 3:14.42.

The Women’s race  was totally dominated by the TriStar Kufstein winner Lisa Hütthaler who took the win with a great time of 3:33.54 leaving Maja Stage Nielsen 3:38.30 and Tiina Bomen 3:19.12.

Both of the winners really gunned it on the bike course and Thomas Hellriegel had more than a 2 minute lead over his nearest competitor Kirill Kotšegarov who closed the gap significantly on the run but it was too little too late. Thomas Hellriegel: “The Plan was to do a fast final bike lap to gain the gap, but I was really tired on the run”.  Kirill Kotšegarov “I went onto the run and the difference was like almost 3 minutes and I didn’t expect to catch him, but at the end it was more like 40 seconds so maybe I should have tried harder”.  Kirill however managed to hold back Latvian Rinalds Sluck who finished 35 seconds behind him. So overall a very close race with the entire top three finishing within 1.30.

The women’s winner Lisa Hütthaler didn’t have the greatest of swims, but he compensated hard on the 100k bike ride, really putting his strengths to work there and gaining a more than six minute gap for the 10k run at the end. Lisa Hütthaler: “I really enjoyed the bike course here with the constant up and down rolling hills”. Second off the bike  was Finland’s Tiina Boman, who was passed by Maja Stage Nielsen who was the 2nd women over the finish line before Tiina boman.

TriStar Estonia itself managed to break some records to with all the distance sold out. We had over 1202 participants with 749 from Estonia and 255 atheletes form 16 different other countries.
Further information on www.tristar111estonia.com and Live Rankings, full results, Leaderboards, Updates and images on www.tristarlive.com during race day.