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This rainbow bagel is the most colourful way of carb-loading

The Bagel Store, based in Brooklyn, N.Y., has one product in particular so colourful that, on first glance, it seems to blur the line between Play-Doh and food.

But make no mistake, the Rainbow Bagel is safe to eat and is the store’s hottest selling item.

Unlike regular bagels, these unique treats taste of cereal and are topped with Funfetti-style cream cheese. It’s basically a cake in bagel form. People line up outside the door just to get a glimpse of the colourful product.

According to Scot Rossillo, the head baker at the Bagel Store, making the Rainbow Bagel is such a precise process that he is only able to make 100 bagels every five hours.

Five thousand regular bagels can be made in the same amount of time, according to Rosillo.

The colourful bagel is just one of 30 kinds the store sells in addition to making Cragels, a half bagel and half croissant.


A full in-depth video can be seen below (click to play):