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The inaugural edition of the TriStar111 Split

Fuchs and Alber win in Croatia.

Andi Fuchs from Austria was the first to knock on the Emperor’s door today, crossing the Finish Line of TriStar111 Split with the total time of 3:49:51. Phillipp Podsiedlik, the youngest Pro in the race arrived second and the third was Dejan Patrcevic, the best Croatian Pro athlete.

The oldest female in the race, Alber Barbara from Germany, showed her younger colleagues how it’s done. The second was Slovenian, Laura Simenc, the youngest female in the Split race and third place belongs to her compatriot Karla Oblak.

Austrian Andi Fusch won the inaugural edition of the TriStar111 Split. Fusch based his brilliant victory in a excellent bike leg in a tough race course. He crossed the line in 3:49:51. Second was Philipp Podsieldik, less than 3 minutes after, and the third at the finishline located just a stone’s throw away from the famous Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, was the Croatian Dejan Patrcevic (4:00:55).

In the female category, Barbara Alber perfomance was perfect (4:36:55). She lead the race from the start. The German triathlete was first in all the segments, during 111km: 1km swimming, 100 km biking and 10km running (TriStar111). Lauren Simenc (SLO) was second and Karla Oblac, from Eslovenia as well, third.

What made the home crowd especially happy is that the relay from Triathlon Club Split arrived first.

All the results and photos can be found at www.tristarlive.com

Please visit www.tristarsplit.com for more information and www.tristarlive.com for live coverage.