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Super League Triathlon buys New York and Chicago Triathlons

Goal is to "revive short course racing in the USA"

Photo by: Super League Triathlon/ Darren Wheeler

Super League Triathlon (SLT) has its sights set on expanding beyond pro racing and innovative race formats. In 2020 the organization purchased the Malibu Triathlon – today we’ve learned that it has acquired two more major short-course America races renowned for their large fields – the Chicago and New York Triathlons. Both events were previously owned by Life Time.

“This move underlines Super League’s transition as we grow from being more than a right’s holder in elite sport to also delivering mass participation events, and shows our commitment to make short course racing cool again in the US via a strategy that engages and excites participants,” says SLT CEO and co-founder Michael D’hulst.

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SLT has primarily been known for its short-course, made for TV, fast-paced events including its Championship series and the Arena Games. It would appear that the company is looking to expand its presence to include more age-group participation. According to SLT its events have enjoyed over “50 million unique broadcast viewers” last year. Like the Professional Triathletes Organisation, though, the company seems to be expanding to age-group racing – likely as an avenue to increase revenue.

“A platform that brings together these three huge events while growing the footprint of our professional events in the US and expanding our media presence is a truly unique proposition,” says SLT Chairman and co-founder Leonid Boguslavsky. “We are formulating exciting plans for the future and look forward to being able to announce these in due course.”