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Summer hygiene blunders and fixes for triathletes

blistersSummertime can wreak havoc on the triathlete’s appearance. When the sun comes out, everyone is drenched in sweat but athletic people have more to deal with many grooming slip ups. We’re not asking to look our absolute best while out training (the disheveled athlete look is basically our trademark) but we don’t want to look like a mess either. Below are common grooming blunders and ways to fix them.

Dry hair. When the sun bakes down and we head out for a long workout, those gorgeous locks turn into fried strands that feel like straw. When you spend a lot of time training outside under the sun, sooner or later, the locks will cry out for moisture. Fix it by investing in a hair mask, oil treatment or soaking strands in coconut oil overnight.

Sunburns. We all make mistakes. One of the classic summer training errors is forgetting the sunscreen or poorly applying it. For our review on the best sunscreens, see here. If there’s a way to take the tiny tube on the run, do so. After that, it’s good old aloe.

Clogged pores. Summer heat means lots of sweat. For triathletes, it’s more likely that pores with become clogged with a dv708017mixture of sweat, sunscreen and dirt. For that, try steaming your face using a basin of hot water and lemon. Some also say that cleansing the skin BEFORE the workout is a good way to avoid breakouts.

Blisters. Blisters on the feet seems inevitable for triathletes because of running. Try getting socks made of anything but cotton and make sure you’re wearing the right shoe size. After that, just keep the blistered area clean to make sure it doesn’t also get infected.

Chafe. Investing in Glide or Vaseline is one of the best ideas for triathletes. Apply it liberally before a ride or run. To prevent thigh chafing, think about wearing longer shorts or tight ones that won’t ride up.

Athlete’s foot. This is a common one among triathletes, especially in summer. Athletes foot is a fungal infection that happens when sweaty feet don’t get a chance to air out. It can also be transferred in pools or shared locker rooms. Triathletes should shower ASAP after the workout, wear breathable shoes and socks and keep feet dry and aired out to prevent it. Over-the-counter lotions should also do the trick.