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Sudrie and Lewis win the first edition of TriStar Deauville

Verstraete and Ferrat win the TriStar33.3 race.

The morning started perfectly as the sun came up to watch all day long over the inaugural edition of TriStar Deauville. More than 850 triathletes decided to take part in the race, starting at 8:15 in water which temperature was measured by the chief marshal at 15 degrees.

Two men escaped the peloton very quickly, French Sylvain Sudrie and James Elvery (New Zealand) started in a neck-breaking tempo, leaving their followers more than a minute behind. Romain Guillaume and Olivier Marceau were started their hunting roles at the beginning of the bike part. Romain Guillaume had to stop soon afterwards because of a mechanic problem. There could have been more suspense.

Imperially leading the race, the recent vice-champion of Europe in long distance performed a great show.  He showed his real power after the first of three loops being 3 minutes ahead of a small group of athletes including Olivier Marceau, Joerie Vansteelant, James Elvery and Anthony Le Duey.

Among the women, it’s Tamsin Lewis who took over the swimming part from the beginning and held her position until the end. She was followed by the Swiss Adeline Rausis and the athlete from the region Valérie Letac.

Approaching the bike park and the running part, Sudrie’s domination became even more visible. He dropped his bike close to 11 minutes before Joerie Vansteelant, James Elvery, Olivier Marceau and Anthony Le Duey. Sylvain Sudrie made sure for his great victory, crossing the finish line on the famous planches and cheered by public in 3h13’41”. There was a tough fight for the third place and Deauville was glad to see an adherent of Gonfreville Anthony Le Duey coming just a couple of meters after Joerie Vansteelant and James Elvery. Olivier Marceau got the 5th position.

Women participants came to the arch in the order that was set at the very beginning. Tamsin Lewis came easily for her first victory in the TriStar format before Adeline Rausis and the Normand athlete Valérie Letac. Earlier this morning, the young Belgic athlete Maxime Verstraete became the winner of TriStar33.3 among men and Virginie Ferrat won in the women category.

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