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Strava receives criticism after raising prices 50 per cent

The beloved social networking app for endurance athletes becomes the latest victim of inflation

Photo by: Strava

As the world’s most popular social networking app for endurance athletes reaches 100 million users worldwide, Strava informed users that they will be raising membership fees by 50 per cent in 2023. The cost to join will jump from $7.99 to $11.99 a month. The Internet wasn’t too enthused to hear about the price hike, especially after the company offered a 25 per cent off coupon for memberships at the end of 2022.

The new pricing structure will only apply to new users in the U.K. for now. Those who have been grandfathered in won’t see a price rise until the following month or year (depending on their plan).

According to an online report, the price hike comes less than a month after Strava laid off 38 employees. The report shows that multiple former employees confirmed the news on their LinkedIn page, a social network used for business and employment.

The price hike is scheduled to apply to users in Canada and U.S. on Feb. 6. The decision to increase the prices has prompted criticism on Twitter from users who have been members for years. Strava has yet to comment on the decision-making behind the price increase.

One Twitter user said, “I can post my outrage over the increase or cancel my membership but $80 per year is still far less for something I use every day than one pair of super shoes… which you only use for two or three days.”